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Real Life Lesson #9 / 6 Secrets to budget time and resources

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Today's Life Lesson is a BIG one!  Make sure that you check out all the other lessons!

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!-

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That concept applies to time, money, energy and many other things as well.  It doesn't take an expert to see that if you don't manage your resources well it can stop your progress in any area.


You MUST choose to put your resources towards what is most important to YOU!

  • Do you teach this to your kids? 
  • Do you help them not to be come overwhelmed as they look at the long, long list of things that must be accomplished each week? 
  • Do you show them how to take the small amount of money and set aside a portion for wants, needs and giving?

If you teach this to your kids already then I am super honored that you are still reading and I would love to hear your thoughts on this subject.  Please make sure to leave a comment below!  But if you do not (at least) discuss the “budgeting” of time and money then your young adult may struggle when it comes time to be out on their own.


6 secrets to learn the budgeting of time and resources

Secret #1 Big Rocks first

Everyone has the same amount of time in a day.  24 hours.  No more.  No less.  

  • Do you treat those hours as precious? 
  • Do you use them to the best of your ability?  I know that I don’t.

Stephen Covey's lesson from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is portrayed in the following video and is a wonderful example of HOW we should be using our time to get the most important things done each day.

My problem is narrowing down what the BIG rocks in my life are day to day.  There are so many and I'm sure that you (homeschool mom or young adult) face the same problem.  I'll be honest I struggle with this every day but my goal this year is to make progress and not get discouraged when sometimes my progress is slow.  T

Make sure you teach your kids to identify their big rocks.  Those areas are where they need to spend the majority of their time. 

Secret #2 Have a Morning and Evening Routine

This secret has been revolutionary for me.  When chaos creeps in then I know that I've let my routine slide.  I know that if I get up shower, get dressed, read my Bible and have a cup of tea then I'm going to have a great day. 

Everyone's morning routine will be different!  Please don't think I'm a morning person because I have a routine--I am so NOT (as my family can tell you). 

The tool that I've used to make progress in this area is Make Over Your Mornings byCrystal Paine of Money Saving Mom.  She does a great job of guiding you through setting goals and then getting those goals translated into routines that move you forward to accomplishing those goals! 

Secret #3 I can do ANYthing for 15 minutes: the power of rewarding yourself

Some days I just want to sit.  Those are the days I rely on a small little tool on my phone or on the microwave.  The timer.  If I set the timer for 30 minutes and work on the thing that needs doing the most or that is bugging me the worst then I can find my motivation again. 

Of course at the end the 30 minute I am totally rewarding myself for getting going but also I PROMISE myself that I will come back to the job if it isn't finished.

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!-

Secret #4 How do you eat an elephant?

I've said this to my kids many times when they came to me overwhelmed with school or goals that they'd set for themselves. It's an important lesson!

The way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. 

Show your children that if they have a job that is too huge to handle, take it and break it into pieces that are manageable.  Then use a reward system for each piece.  Set up rewards and then do the jobs!  Key to this method is that you can enjoy the rewards.  But remember to then get back to the job after the treat!  It seems silly but this really works when you are stuck in the middle of a job that is too big to handle!

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!-

Secret #5 Tell your money where to go

Money is such a touchy subject among people.  In my world, money is a resource that God has given to me along with the job of stewarding that money.  It means I will need to give an accounting someday of how I've handled those resources. 


I've not done the greatest job in this area but again I'm focusing on progress not perfection!

Show your children that budgeting is a great tool by using one yourself!  By telling your money what you want it to do, you are in charge!  By allocating your resources, you are again working on your BIG rocks but this time with physical resources instead of time.

We LOVE these tools and mentors in the area of money.  They are WAY better at explaining the why and how on this subject.  Go do some research and commit to not letting your money just trickle away--tell it where you want it to go!  Then show your children how to do the same!

You Need a Budget(YNAB)         Dave Ramsey           Crown Financial

Secret #6 Save for rainy days and fun days

Are your kids ready for "real life?"  Prepare them with the lessons in this 10 day series!  Plus there are 24 other mom's contributing to the Tips for Homeschool Moms series!  Check it out!-

There will always be rainy days where there isn't enough money to go around. 

People who are smart and prepare for them then don't get caught off guard.  Teach your kids that by giving your money the savings "job" it then you are preparing for the unexpected. 

Not fun to think about but it happens.  Cars get in wrecks, jobs can be lost, air conditioners get broken and so many other problems pop up.  Be prepared!

The flip side to this is preparing for fun days.  We all love to play and go on vacation.  So plan for it.  Tell your money it has the vacation "job."  I can't tell you how relieving it is to know what you can afford to spend when you get to "play."  Live in a way that you are an example to your children.  They will see what it means to stay within their means and can then give a good account of funds and time that they were given.

This is the ninth day of the 10 day series of Tips for Homeschool Moms.  (If you aren't a homeschooler don't click away!!!  MANY of these topics will apply all moms!)

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