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4 Winter Book Recommendations

2016Kim Brush2 Comments

Winter is a great time to tackle my "to be read" list of books.  My library lets me make a list of "for later" books so I can look and see what is available to be read when I finish a book!  Do you have a list like this?  Digital or physical?  Well I hope that I can add a few titles in with my book recommendations from November!  Enjoy!

Brown is beautiful #ColorOurWorld

2016Kim Brush3 Comments

Fall is rapidly heading into winter here in the mid-west.  I admit I do not like winter.  It’s hard on my attitude.   Less sunlight.  Less time outdoors due to my not enjoying the cold.  Less color and beautiful plants.  But wait there is a unappreciated color that we can notice this time of year.  Brown is a beautiful basic color that colors the world all around us!

A BIG thank you and 25% off Rags to Rug eBook SALE!

2016Kim Brush4 Comments

As you all know Thanksgiving was a few days ago!  We were all busy with family and friends but today I want to send out a BIG thank you to all my readers.  I don't ever go out shopping on Black Friday.  Hubby always works so I stay home and hang out with my kids.  So AWESOME this year since my college girl is home!  But that doesn't mean I don't love some good online deals!  So I'm throwing my own SALE on my eBook Rags to Rugs!  PLUS there is a totally new freebie for you!